To all of you

This is the post excerpt.


Keep calm,keep calm.your pure heart is known to tried after being defeated, heaven knows.You are unsure of the acknowledgement you must get. You have been misunderstood,you could never judge the true colors,you are accused without reason.You land up in the same place.They stay away?Don’t  they?Don’t  worry everyone knows.Are you insecured,messed ,vulnurable again? It happens,you tried your best right. Wipe your tears ,its alright. Bright lights will shine. You will be appreciated. You know what, people could be afraid of losing you too. They will call you sweet,because you are. They will finally acknowledge  your efforts. They will care ,trust me they will.

How have you loved

Do  you want to know what I do

Did you ever wish to see my dreams

Do you know what I want to become

Do you know I am fascinated about lights

Do you realise my goods

Have you wondered what wronged me

Did you see the fluorescent in my darkness

Have you seen the rainbow in my black

Do you know my story

You definately know what I can not, but do you know what I am capable of..

All the questions that I just asked

Do you realise what made me ask them?


Love perfection is loving imperfection

I am suddenly doing what i never thought i would do. Neither are the hands holding mine alike blooded nor have we been acquainted forever. I rose when I fell  that too but out of a blue. I committed a beautiful sin devastating a stubborn creature turning myself to what a single person i never knew would want me too. He, is what I never thought a man could be. He ,for whom praises can never be enough. For when I hear his heartbeat I can find my rhythm..

And when i am amidst his thoughts ,my skin develops goosebumps and a thrill runs down my spine .An emptiness covers the pit of my tummy and heartbeat becomes quite audiable..

Nervousness …

Yet when I stand next to him, I feel free from all the waves of nervousness inside of me.Why does everything  feel suddenly so normal .

So i do realise that he knows everybit of me…and i need not hide my insecurities and imperfections from a man who knows it all and still smiles the same way he did at the maiden date…And then one day i just decided to look straight into the eyes i consider my mirror and speak my heart out on what i can and cannot , what I do and what i don’t , what i should do and should not and also what i could have done and could not.

I know I did it right as he still smiles the same way…

Nothing truely matters .Love flourishes as pure human affections from a soul to another..

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Ma ,That Makes you Beautiful

Last night just after supper ,my mother came to bed with a freshly washed face. Her skin grew pale with constant tensions  so I suggested her to apply aloevera gel to bring back her shine.”What if I grow more beautiful than you?” She gave a cocky reply while gently massaging the gel all over her face .She did have a preety smile on her lips and a smize in her eyes.

“You are already more beautiful than me ma” 

She kept staring at me in awe.

Actually she has allways been more beautiful than me.Putting me first in every step of her life is beautiful.Fighting with the entire world alone and never showing a hint of it in her face is beautiful.Making me what ever I am today and not expecting anything in return is beautiful. Letting me sleep late not bothering to wake me up during vacations and slogging off in the morning while I should have been helping , and not even complaining is beautiful. Working 14 hours a day without rest and still bringing home a piece of pie or just a mithai for her little girl at home is beautiful. Smiling and laughing just by looking into my face forgetting all her worries, pain ,past, is beautiful.Once a girl like me ,silly , snobbish , pampered now a woman of courage , maturity and strength is beautiful..

I wish I could say you all these things that you deserve to hear but i just gave you some styling tips and went back to sleep.But ma I  am a writer .What to do? I express better with words. So here is what I actually wanted to say 

I am proud of you and you are the most beautiful and fierce lady …..

Are you her?

Are you the girl who just walks into  highschool and people go like “thats the girl we  are going to be mean to.make her feel left alone..”you are the one,aren’t  you?. Do you feel  uncomfortable  in your own skin?Do you have anxiety issues? Have you stayed up all night listening to one song repeat ? Did you cry numerous  times wondering what went wrong? Did people tell you that you are too good and that people tend to take your advantage but then those people sit behind you in the cofee house and keep laughing at you so you just leave your favourite half eaten doughnut behind and leave the place . This happens everytime you put an effort for someone and goes in wrong direction.. You just can’t  figure out why its you? Some people hurt you ,well most of them do but they wait for you to go back to them but never make an effort to cheer you up,they do know though that they don’t  really have to do anything ,just smile at you ,but they won’t. You just don’t  matter. 

You are strong girl .. You just never stop . You know you are alone  at times but you keep going. Coz you are the girl who still believes in fairytales .Who looks at lives being changed at movies and await the same miracle for yourselves. Even though you still go back to the same place from where you thought you left. But you still keep going. Still believing. Even though you sometimes feel destiny up against you….And I know there is a lot of you…..

Toi Maleficiency 

4 can 

you The light lit within gleams and glows

shimmering the brightest though

when only darkness sorrounds

it might seem myself as an addled


if i utter cuddling in the evil i please

i do not miss the funny nights of pink stained

shaddows and lipgloss drained

Care i don’t of the dangling diamonds

black and red are the stains of action

silly silly faces,know it all’s

fades as the entity witholds.

sacrifice those guts as you behold

the forecoming sequence of maleficiency.